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Who here can tell who the pax are that ‘pay’ for their rating?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Jay Dean, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    This is pretty general but have you ever picked up a pax on a high surge and they are super nice lol...You know they are hating the charge but put on a front to protect their rating lol...?
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  2. some of my highest surge rides are people having a great time. They dont seem to mind it too much.

    One great ride I had was about 4.5x. Wasnt that long but dude was getting on with this girl.
    They were dry humping on the side of a building when I got to them.

    Still getting it on in my car.

    Dude asks me to stop at a gas station. He needed condoms.
    I could see in the rear view mirror that he was lost in her face so I went to a gas station a bit out of the way.

    Enjoyed the awkward wait time with the girl as I could hear her trying to put her clothes back on in my back seat.

    Then again took the long way to his house.

    Nice $70 short ride.

    He loved every mile of it.
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  3. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    I can tell you in late 15-16 people were not nice, I need to pull up some old posts where I compared lyft to Uber in terms of niceness, times have changed, most pax are nice to protect their rating no question but if you are cool, what is not to like about you, or anyone! I can tell you my driving is near to the same as I was at oh I dunno 18 and seen a dramatic change in how people treat me within the last year from years before, that **** is just fact.

    The good news is people as a whole have adapted to treat people better so, don’t think about it or try and wonder, people are just people with money, now that the money (meaning rates) is ridiculous people will act normal and enjoy the actual conversation
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  4. mrpjfresh


    Asheville, NC
    I always feel a little bad because the people who typically end up paying the 3x+ surges with me are the ones that rarely deserve it. It is unfortunate they end up subsidizing the cheap (excrement)heads but that is the way things are sadly.

    I usually get a few comments about "must be having a nice night" or similar. After your ride, you betcha! But seriously, I end up just having a conversation, find common ground, acquiesce more than normal and by the time I drop them off, they are usually in a good mood.
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  5. unPat


    I never rate low who pay premium price. Those people never complain and are nice most of the time. Upfront pricing is still a ripoff to the drivers but it stopped passengers moaning and suspicion towards the drivers.
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