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Who has the Highest Uber Rating in Australia


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I am sure you know. You work for them as back office staff.

I am not here to disclose confidential information. It is best for you to consult Fuber operations.

Potential bondage is below, this AI expensive will always running in a loss for FUber. Poor little driver paying commission for this:
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Sammy3068, after careful deliberation I have come to the conclusion that you are at best mildly mentally challenged, or at worse the love child of Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. and Dr Nira Cain-N'Degeocello. Have you ever considered starring in your own TV programme?


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Ohhh wow, I'm thinking for every $21 you earn you get to pocket $7 after costs. You got a pay rise? Lol


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Nah, I call bullshit.

Customer service is a skill I believe in. It takes a stronger person to assess a situation and force a good outcome than it does to "stand up to your customers". Good service is good for the platform, bad service is good for the unemployment line.
I couldn't agree more with this comment. Well done! Customer service IS a skill. Generally I find that treating customers with a friendly attitude and respect will be repaid in kind. Once that rapport is established is the time to kindly educate customers if necessary on some points, such as good pickup/dropoff zones and the like. Your not going to have 100% success in this but, hey, that's the percentage game.
"standing up to them" is unnecessary and unprofessional. If you were in a business where a manager was looking at your work, your employment tenure would be measured in hours and minutes.
2,700 trips - 4.97 - Hyundai accent.