Who else is sick of Lyft's supposedly high PT?


lately I have been a little fed up with lyft and their garbage tactic of claiming higher PT percentages but not showing where they are. Although I get plenty of emails about my acceptance rating (majorly due to them lying) I decided to take some screenshots last night to show how silly this is. Lyft needs to go back to showing exactly what percentage is in what area, not just these pink squares that don't mean anything!

Here are a few examples where lyft is showing 300% increase, but magically not in the heart of downtown....


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Mista T

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The pink is useless. Even IF you found it, and even IF you managed to get to the middle of it, you still would not get any serious rides from it. Only one time in over a year of driving have I ever gotten a majorly high PT % from Lyft, and that was just as a concert got out at the Roseland.


It's really varies, I've been doing this for about a year and a half and have had plenty of %300+ rides, the highest being a %550, my issue isn't so much the percentage itself because I understand how supply and demand works and understand that there are a lot of drivers on the road. My issue is the false percentage show in comparison to what rides you get, i.e. The darkest pink area is only getting %200 when it's showing %250 on the map!

They used to have it set up like uber where you could see the percentage inside of each zone much like you can see the surge for each area on lyft.