Who are these daytime drivers?


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I dont understand why I see so many drivers on a monday morning or wednesday afternoon driving around Santa Cruz. I normally only do weekend nights is SC. But since I see so many around town during the day I figured I'd give it a shot. I've now tried twice during a weekday. Both time I was lucky if I got 3 short rides in 2 hours and just logged off. Am I missing something? Ends up being like 9 bucks an hour after gas.

Da Ub

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With UCSC out, you want to start early morning to get a ride over the hill or to SF.

It’s a ant farm. There is too much supply vs demand here plus add in the jump bikes and that makes it even slower.

A lot of those drivers are from other areas Like Stockton and San Jose. With SF already overcrowded they have migrated farther south.