Who’s worried. Who’s depressed. RUOK


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Yeah, it's not good.
One thing I do know, putting your health at risk is probably the worst option right now as much as it causes financial pressure.
Please guys, this is getting serious and everyone needs to play their part in not spreading the outbreak any more.


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Casino has dumb restrictions, and it’s dead, supermarkets shut at 8pm, clubs, pubs and bars are shut. No one on streets or taxis, there’s surprisingly no Uber drivers as well. Ridesharing is done.


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Worse comes to worst, some drivers may be able to access their super due to severe financial hardship. Last week, i had a neighbour and another friend came by for me to certify their documents in accessing their super. I advised them that timing is bad due to share value falling and thus their super devaluating. But then, what else can they do? They are about to be laid off.


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A couple of weeks maybe, thats how long these @@@@ing government clowns can keep this charade up, after that its back to business no matter the consequences 👍
Do you want dead grannies or riots in the streets, no brainer really hey.
thanks Krusty