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which suv get best milleage and still qualifies for ubersuv?

Discussion in 'Licensed' started by tee hee, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. tee hee

    tee hee Well-Known Member

    i keep seeing suvs that get like 16mpg. that sucks considers how i live about 1 hour away from dc

    i want to do ubersuv . i'm leaning towards lincoln navigator 2016 or 2017. i really wanted to get a tesla model x but doesn't loook like it qualifies for ubersuv.
  2. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    Probably a Ford Escape Hybrid.
    M.P.G. in the low 30's.

    The Ford Escape Hybrid is in use by a few Govt. Agencies. Can be found at a good price at auctions.
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  3. 14gIV

    14gIV Well-Known Member

    model X :D
  4. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    But what is the carbon footprint of the generated power used to charge it's batteries ?
    What is the plant efficiency ratio of energy consumed to energy produced ?
    What is the loss on the power transmission lines ?
    How much is lost to heat sync while charging ?
  5. 14gIV

    14gIV Well-Known Member

    Did he ask:
    "which suv gets the best mileage"
    "which planet friendly suv gets the best mileage"

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  6. ChortlingCrison

    ChortlingCrison Well-Known Member

    Buses get great mileage as well.
  7. OC Lady Uber Driver

    OC Lady Uber Driver Well-Known Member

    The Ford Escape is an UberX qualified vehicle in the DC market.

    SUV must seat 6 or more. These are the...
    Recommended Vehicles
    • Cadillac Escalade ESV
    • Chevrolet Suburban (LT or LTZ)
    • GMC Yukon XL
    • Infiniti QX56
    • Lincoln Navigator, Navigator L
    • Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, R-350
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  8. PerthMercdriver

    PerthMercdriver Member

    Perth, australia
    Get a turbo diesel car like I have 45+mpg and less emissions! for the kms/miles you do its a no-brainer really.
  9. Flex

    Flex Member

    Washington DC
    I would check out the new version of the Escalade. It drops to 4-cylinders when 8-cylinders are not needed. I get average of 20 miles per gallon.
  10. Jimmy Bernat

    Jimmy Bernat Well-Known Member

    Mercedes gl350 or R350 or the 320 model depending on your market year requirments

    They'll get over 30mpg hwyand a couple emission mods will yield around 40mpg I like the 2008 version since it isn't bluetec but that might be too old . I drive a 2014 Explorer I'm thinking about adding to SUV it gets 22mpg . Denver has very easy vehicle requirments
  11. Darkhawk

    Darkhawk Member

    Dallas, TX
    Let me get this straight, you were looking at buying a Tesla X which is priced around $88,000 and you are worried that a 30-40k SUV will get 16mpg?
  12. hurricane187

    hurricane187 New Member

    queens nyc
    the qx60 is 19 mpg in the street, its the best in the suv class i know of

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