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Which car under 10k?

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Leonard818, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Adieu

    Adieu Well-Known Member

    Me too... my older one is built like bricks. This one?

    Suspension rims and tires are my own damn fault

    Everything else? 1 belt and 1 hose that were ALSO my own damn fault for never replacing on a high mileage vehicle, you mean?
  2. Maksim

    Maksim Well-Known Member

    New Jersey
    e90, nothing but gremlins.
  3. Jimmy Bernat

    Jimmy Bernat Well-Known Member

    My e90 335xi N54 engine has been pretty problem free with over 130k miles and 40k miles of that pretty heavily modified

    In that time I've had the following issues

    1-Oil Filter Housing Gasket ($8)
    2- Thermostat Died , replaced water-pump and belt at same time ($500) I would actually say this is more of a general maintenance repair (Died at 120k miles)
    3-Struts/shocks (Replaced front at 100k miles Rear at 120k miles) (Upgraded to Coil Overs)
    4- Replaced all 6 Coils and spark plugs ($300)
    5-Driver side door lock actuator ($90)
    6-Hood Struts ($40)

    And that's it I've had the car for almost 60k miles

    I know the person before me replaced the HPFP under warranty and injectors

    Getting Ready to go with a large top mount Single Turbo Set up and Port Injection
  4. yojimboguy

    yojimboguy Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    If the Mazda6 qualified for anything better than UberX, I'd recommend it -- but it doesn't. Good mileage, low maintenance costs, yup; it has that and would be worthwhile looking at against other mid-sized sedans. But just for UberX, the Mazda3 would be better. Considerably cheaper, and it's almost the same car but much smaller and better mileage and still qualifies for X.

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