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Where's the bonus?


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Each Sunday I get an email from Lyft like the following. When I click on the VIEW BONUS BONUS button it takes me to the Lyft driver app, where no bonus is available to view. This has been happening for weeks. Since I don't have a chance to weigh what Lyft is offering, I just plan based on the Uber bonus info I get, and drive only Uber for the week.

Does anyone know how to find the Lyft bonus prior to Monday?


Gtown Driver

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On my phone the bonus shows up right under that first picture. I just scroll down and see the bonuses without having to click on anything. It's always contained in the original email once you scroll.

William Fenton

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Did you notice the fine print that says your bonus will be live after 5am. You should look in the morning to see what your bonus is. I cut way back on my lyft driving when they did away with the PDB the bonuses now are less and require more rides than I ever was doing.
Between more rides with uber, rides with HopSkipDrive and the few I do with lyft I am making more $$ with less dead time driving (anting).


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Be happy you get an email. I dint get these emails I have until 5 AM Monday each week to find out my bonus!


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My only Lyft bonus'es are the occasional ride that is not from the hood, above minimum fare, and the pax actually rates me a 5. Even rarer is an actual tip.


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I had earned a PDB every week since I started driving for lyft. I've yet to see a single personal goal bonus offered to me. I called and asked and they just said, yea not everyone gets them.
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