Where's my 1* gone?


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Monday 24 September I picked up a passenger downtown. Pulling up in the dark couldn't I see the face of the rider. Confirmed rider name and let them in. Driving, I recognize that the rider use to work at my former employer, and that I had separated them.

Dropped rider off and moved down the street to request not to be matched again. Was the only ride I gave on Uber that day, (and previous three? days) and switched over to Lyft. Checked my rating at the time. Something told me to screenshot it.

Next day, checked my rating again and only one more addition had been made, my first 1* star and an email from Uber re safety. Responded back to Uber requesting that they identify the safety issue as I have on board telemetry and dashcam. Uber responded that rider reports are anonymous. I replied back a second time indicating that in another request not to be paired with the rider, outlined that the rider had been separated as a previous employee, and asked if that rider made the alleged safety violation report. Uber responded that feedback from rider may not always been 100%, and that the feedback is intended to be helpful and not a warning.

Today, checked my rating and saw that there was no longer a 1* on my rating profile.

Where's my 1* gone? I've only done a minimal number of rides since the 1* was given so it hasn't rolled over with 500 rides. Was it removed? Was it voided due to my initial report?

Your guidance is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Who cares. Ratings are meaningless. There may be some algorithm implications, but I can't formulate any veritable hypothesis.

Maybe Rajesh removed a bad rating for you? More likely, Safety reports get handled by a US team and they also thought the rider was full of shit.

Either way, as long as you get pings and are activated, ratings are not worth being concerned about.