Where was the media on this one?


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Did anyone hear anything about this? I sure didn't until today. Apparently on June 13th an Uber driver was shot in Lakewood. The two boys that shot him also robbed a Lyft driver the same night! Where was the media frenzy on this one?
The driver wasn't shot enough. If he was killed, THEN it would have been news!

Always lock your car!

I'm surprised Uber didn't fire the driver for having minors in his car!


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sure didnt but since last August been background tested 3 times....

theres a reason cabs have partitions,

i could be wrong but guarantee it was between 9pm & 3am when almost no one is going to the airport so i have no clue why anyone would risk it for $2-$20 if not even worse

6+ months ago i stopped accepting half my 5star requests because now it's mostly all the felons, 5 dui havin, drunks, junkies, drug runners, Pimps, prostitutes, minors..... previously banned but new number new email new prepaid new subsidized ride to smuggle warez or go use them..

4.7 why bother 2+ years theyll never tip a 4.8-4.9 thats $5-$20 more possible per hour think ill wait for one of those so hundreds get ignored per week...

all this destruction is on uber gotta feel bad for those being exploited with little choices

meanwhile they can directly holla at popo via 911, screenshot our face pic, license plate, vehicle description, record video/audio without us knowning, share trip, talk to anyone in universe while on trip while simultaneously being tracked by 2 different cell phones and ubers servers foot by foot gps data, drivers license on file all for the possibility of $2 its the drivers who are bad lol

and since when is it legal to charge riders a more expensive faster toll route to a time critical destination on the riders app while the driver app directs the slower less expensive route for the purpose of collecting the toll fee and of course not passing it on to the driver? what part of the legal game is that? if i have dozens of screenshots they doung this millions if times a week and its documented?

im perplexed yet impressed

quite the RICO racket
I think you might need this:


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Um, when he walked back to his car and saw someone inside, why didn't he turn around and walk away? Any time I leave my vehicle unattended, unless it's in my driveway, it's locked.
My guess would be he didn't realize until he sat down and closed the door.
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I bet the Cops need time to track down the Perps and didnt want the Media involved. And yeah, wtf, why would you get in the car? He must not have seen them....