Where to buy seat covers in GTA?


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I have cloth seats in my car, and picking these animals on daily basis is going to ruin them. Can some recommend where I can buy quality seat covers for good price in the GTA. Thanks in Advance


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I wonder if those covers from CTC will let me move up to select?

I hope you're joking but if you're not, no.

A member on this forum was somehow able to get someone on the inside at a greenlight hub to move his compact car to select for about a month because of having "leather-like" seat covers, but as I recall the pax complained a lot and eventually one contacted uber support and they removed him from select because the vehicle should never have been there. Select is about a lot more than the material of your seats.


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i got mine from Canadian Tire. 80 bucks. perfect fit for my jetta and feels great. No sign of wear or tear in 3 months.


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$200 I paid on Kijiji

I'll post some photos tomorrow

They are best bro!
Have had them 1 year solid stuff