Where is the Independent Watchdog?


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Where is the independent organisation that oversees the Australian ride-sourcing industry?

We really need this type of Regulatory Agency to make objective rulings where there is a dispute between drivers or riders and a company like Uber.

Real Example 1: Right now when I report an issue to Uber (about anything including assault or sexual harassment) they do nothing to help and everything they can to bury the issue. My experience indicates that Uber's only interest is to make serious reports disappear so the brand is not tarnished. There is ZERO data available to the government about the number of serious incidents that occur in Ubers. (I can tell you it's a lot more than you think). The result is that people praise Uber and think it is just fantastic but that's because the number of incidents never reaches the light of day.

Real Example 2: If there is a pay dispute between Uber and a rider/driver there is currently no independent body to find a resolution. Instead, Uber get the final say and of course they have a bias. Driver's are at the mercy of Uber. We have seen it happen time and time again, Uber will refuse to pay cleaning fees etc or they will say the damage a drunk passenger caused was just 'general wear and tear' and therefore not payable.

Having an independent body to handle disputes makes a lot of sense. In fact, if all reports were sent through a watchdog (instead of Uber's non-transparent internal system) I do believe the amount of issues would surprise everyone and Uber would no longer be able to hide issues under the carpet.


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In example 1, you are 100% correct, if assaults or sexual assaults are reported, then Uber should report that to police, as should the person(driver) at the receiving end of the assault. Whether this needs to be made public I'm not 100% certain, but it would be in an annual report of some kind.
Does the bus companies of sydney publicly report their incidents? I don't know.

Example 2-
These are not pay disputes, these are contract disputes... ( we've been through the employee - contractor question previously ) and as such, it'd be between the contract parties to negotiate and if one party is still not satisfied, make a civil action through small claims tribunal or court. Just wait till you've been a small contractor working for a Huge building company (similar but not necessarily Lend Lease or Leightons ) and see how small contactor disagreements are settled. Small guy always gets crushed by the giant in the room..
But I digress, we are not receiving our pay, as most workers understand it, but we are receiving a payment according to our contract between parties...
But again, I agree that it would be good if there was as suggested above, an independent ombudsman or referee to assess and arbitrate disputes between the parties within Rideshare, be that riders, drivers and the Rideshare company .

Back to Example 1, if as a driver you're assaulted in any way, the police should be your first call, not uber... that contact comes later.
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make a civil action through small claims tribunal or court.
It's not practical to take Uber to court over say a $17 underpayment. The amount of time and stress involved is not worth it.

I did report an assault to Uber and they said they will investigate but I will not be allowed to know the outcome due to privacy. I don't know how they can investigate these issues internally if they never even asked me for more details. The truth is they did nothing at all. I was told that if I want contact details of the rider in order to file a polics report I would need to fly to Amsterdam IN PERSON with a subpoena.

Uber also told me I must go to the Uber office in Amsterdam office with a subpoena if I wanted damage to my car caused by a drunk to be reimbursed. So they wanted me to spend over 2k on flights just to get the $300 of repairs. It was unbelievable the way Uber treated me. They are operating in Australia so why should drivers have to go to Amsterdam just to resolve an issue?


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MDS, you seem for some reason, maybe the misalignment of your stars, to have been on the receiving end of some pretty crappy luck of late.
I hope that 2017 finds fortune in your corner.
( because it seems that Uber isn't)