Where is my motivation ?

Fast Times @ UBER

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—unattainable Quest
—little to no surge
—weak boost zones
—higher gas prices
—over abundance of pool pings

....but wait there is that chance at an extra $1


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That "play music" should be turn off, if not you get those millennial's request of music after they notice that you have the option available


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At this point I have 2 motivations:

1. Uber enough to cover the Xchange Lease Payment

2. Fornicate Uber by costing them money whenever possible. This will be done 2 ways:

*Taking the long way only on Boost trips so that Uber makes little to no money on rides. Every payout that says 'Uber receives' and that number is negative gives me wood.

*I give full credit to HPClays for this idea. On rides where I can't long way the rider, I will tell them 'Do you want to save some money? Change the destination to one door down from where your destination is' so they pay time/mileage, not upfront pricing. I may ask them what the difference in price is. If it's significant maybe they'll throw a few bucks as tip. When he first suggested this I was skeptical. Now I am all for fornicating Uber, Dara and Rohit whenever possible.