Where is all the drivers


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Yoooo Jax where are all the drivers dont make us look bad we need you all to step up. Thank you to all my fellow drivers that are still striving thru theses times.


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You need other drivers to step up so you don't look bad. Staying home is the prudent thing to do. Passengers think for themselves, and so should drivers. Good luck to you but I don't think so.


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So this is off topic but they've said 1 in 7 pregnant women had the virus when delivering but didn't know it. Pregnant women are already sick all the time but their hormones are up so high it counteracts the virus to an extent. Not saying that pregnant women should drive uber though.

I got deactivated last year but I would be driving if I could. I would probably put one of those partitions up like they have everywhere now.

Last uber I took a couple weeks ago was around noon on a Friday for $65. The driver said he was diabetic and was taking the rest of the day off, but was at 800 for the week on day 5 working mornings.