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Where do you wait at heathrow?


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Okay maybe this has been asked before but searching didn't yield any fruits.

Where do you wait when at Heathrow?

I wait on Spout Lane North. The whole road is full of PH drivers (Uber and non-Uber).

Any other good places within the airport zone? With some shops preferably.

London UberExec Driver

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BP near Hatton Cross, A30 Great South West Road.
Texaco/Co-op Bath Road.
Esso Southern Perimeter Road.
Cafe on the Green, Sipson Lane (10% for Uber drivers if you show your Momentum card).
Shell/Premier Inn/McDonalds. nr. Colnbrook By Pass (Old Bath Road).
KFC/Starbucks (non-enforceable 90min parking limit) Bath Road.
Airport Bowl Bath Road.
Tesco Superstore. Faggs Road, Feltham
McDonalds Mondial Way (non-enforceable 1-hr parking limit)


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Wow. You do know your stuff, I'm still noob. Haha.

Thank you. Presumably non enforcable means park as long as you want? Haha.

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A private car parking company will send you an "invoice" through the post if you overstay.

Threats of bailiffs, courts, etc. often ensue when their letters are ignored but will eventually go away after about 6 or so, over a period of a year.

However, I wouldn't do this if you're in a renter car, as the rental firm the ticket will go to the rental firm, who will usually pay up and pass the cost of the ticket onto you with an additional "admin" fee.

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Also, on street parking around the area (Hillingdon Council) are usually Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm anyway.

There are other places to park too, though are outside the airport waiting zone, such as the newly opened Asda in Hayes, Tesco, Toys r Us, Costco off the A312 to the north of the M4, a pub and restaurant, a few small shops etc., in Stockley Park (off the A408), a few garden centres around (often with a cafe), and a strip club next to a BP off the Colnbrook bypass over the M25.

Plenty to see and do while you wait.


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McDonald's Harlington. You can only Park for an hour but you can also Park on the side street (if you find a space)