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Where can I report a driver

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Juggalo9er, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. I have him on my dash cam allowing a pax to ride in trunk and a picture of his plate....he had 9 people in a traverse
  2. AuxCordBoston


    Lol. Just because he has Uber stickers doesn’t mean he was doing Uber at the time.
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  3. I saw him end the ride.....
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  4. Dan2miletripguy


    Arlington, TX
    no one likes a snitch
  5. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    It could be the new human trafficking app
  6. Hold on let me figure out if I care if you like me
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  7. TBone


    Columbus, OH
    Google uber greenlight hub indiana. There is one in Indianapolis. "Snitch" away, less competition lol
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  8. Just did ty
  9. Coachman


    Why would you report him? It could have been a 5-star ride.
  10. 4 stars at best
  11. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Have you ever seen those bumper stickers that state;
  12. I did eat it, after he nearly hit me while leaving... it was delicious
  13. Crime of the century...call the FBI
  14. Nah just the green light hub
  15. Make sure they know you are not another crying drivers wanting their time, but you are a true partner.

    Like the movie where the rentacop goes to the police and at first they are like GTFO but then by the end he wins them over and gets a special certificate
  16. I just want to feel special
  17. I didn't tell you to do this....but embellish.... driver took nine pax but refused fluffy the poodle. Hub won't take throwing out fluffy
  18. uberdriverfornow


    just let the pax complain to uber for a ride refund after the idiot drops em off
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  19. "Uber support, my name is Rohit, how may I help you?"

    I want to report a driver for taking too many passengers.

    "You took too many passengers? Sir, that is a violation of Uber policy. I must remind you that you must obey all traffic laws at all times while driving Uber."

    No, it wasn't my ride. It was another driver.

    "You drive another driver?"

    No, you don't understand. There was ANOTHER DRIVER who took too many people.

    "Sir, you are the only person who is authorized to drive on your Uber account. You are not allowed to let anyone else drive your vehicle as they have not been approved through the Uber system."

    No one else drove my car! Listen, I was sitting still, and I watched a DIFFERENT car with a DIFFERENT Uber driver. He took TOO MANY people on HIS ride. I have his license plate.

    "Okay, good, please give me the license plate number and the state?"

    Here it is, -×-×-×-×-.

    "Very good, sir. I have updated your account with this information. Please note that your account is deactivated until you can go into an Uber location and have your new vehicle inspected. Do you need the address for that inspection?"
  20. Another great post you are funny and a great writer...wasting your life behind the wheel IMHO

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