When Uber Makes More Sense Than Owning a Car


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But, another question remains: Do Americans really want to give up their cars? Even if mobility services with carpooling and automation are a less expensive choice, the service might still not be adopted quickly since people purchase cars for many reasons beyond simply price (for example, they buy cars for convenience, status, fun, identity and so forth).

For many decades, the car has been a critical part of the American culture, often used as a tool to flaunt wealth and showcase the unique personalities of the drivers. Will Americans want to ride in cookie-cutter cars that are part of a larger automated fleet? Will they trade off the idea of car ownership as an extension of identity to gain back some of their free time?

This is exactly what TomatoJuice and his cohort Monica fail to understand - Americans buy automobiles for reasons besides transportation.
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A good portion of the Uber drivers out there drive to offset the cost of a new car payment, whether they know it or not. $400 - $500 a month is not chump change.

If everyone bought 6-10 year old mostly depreciated vehicles like me, the economy would collapse though so thanks for picking up the slack Jones.

That being said, ride sharing could eventually be the nail in the coffin for car makers who rely on unsustainable levels of new car sales, so they will probably start catering more to Uber/Lyft with short-term unlimited mile leases in many regions.