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When Uber is going to pay us our holidays and minimum wage

Discussion in 'London' started by Andreas0001, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Andreas0001


    Is it going to happen after the tribunal appeal end of October or go to the high court for next year?
  2. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    "Uber" won't be paying anything.

    The drivers will be funding these benefits from their fares.

    So rates to the punter will stay the same and Commission will increase.

    Or rates to the punter will go up but Commission will stay the same.

    Not one penny/cent will pass from Ubers money to fund any financial benefit.

    Thats how Business works.

    The question you need to ask is are any of the GMB bods involved going to be on PAYE?

    How many of those involved in the legal case which the GMB funded are still Full Time PH Drivers?
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  3. London-born-and-bred


    When you do a 60hr week and accept every job.
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  4. Shane Sheikh

    Shane Sheikh

    I don’t want me be classed as employed. Self employed and being flexible is a much better option for me.
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  5. babasanfur


    Uber is the god of flexibility just do some search
  6. Andreas0001


    Employee working hrs 40hr/week.

    Minimum wage on Uber X.

    40hr×£7.83 =£313.20
    Fuel. =£100
    Car,ins,etc. =£200
    + 28 days paid holidays
    + sick pay
    + NI contributions
    + pension

    How can some people say oh I like beeing self employed on uber platform I like the flexibility bull**** you are buying what Uber is selling you.

    People died to earn this and here comes Amazon and Uber to take us back to Victorian times.
    People wake up
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  7. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    Hold on.

    You do realise that you pay Tax and NI on you earnings?

    It isn't added on top.

    And I think you are a little bit misinformed about what being PAYE is and what having Workers Rights actually means.
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  8. Andreas0001


    Can you people stop beeing smartasses.
    Employers pay 'secondary' Class 1National Insurance contributions(NICs) on their employees' earnings. 'Primary' Class 1 NI contributions are an employee National Insurance contribution (also collected through PAYE). ... The standard rate ofemployer's Class 1 NI is 13.8%.

    The Government has set minimum levels of contributions that must be paid to the workplace pension scheme by you and/or your employer. ... Your employer must pay some of the minimum total contribution. If the employer doesn't pay all of the minimum total contribution, you will need to make up some of the difference.

    They pay part of your NI contributions.

    And they top up your pension contributions.

    That's what I mean

    I didn't say all of your NI and your pension.
  9. Syloti_ba


    Uber feed zombies exectly £22 + all the time. Busy or not busy newbies or pro! Some people don’t know how to do math what is plus or minus! Uber works for someone not for everyone!

    2018 £25
    2014 all was juicy

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  10. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    What the employer pays has nothing to do with your pay.

    Why not go an ask Uber where your Payslip is.

    Employers don't top up your Pension Contributions.

    They set up a Pension Scheme which you can opt to join or decide not to join.

    It is not a final salary Pension, they are actually next to worthless with any contribution from a Business next to nothing, and that money yet again will come from the workers pocket by way of lower wages.

    The reason self employment such as Couriers and PH has always been like it is, is due to it meaning you can earn more amd sort out your own Tax and NI, which are less for the Self Employed and you have a fully expensed car/van/motorbike aswell.

    People love to look at the hourly rate of a PH driver and say its less than you get at Lidl.

    Except Lidl don't give everybody a fully insured, maintained and fueled car.

    All the new entrants and gullible fools that have gone along with the worker rights bollocks have ****ed it for those who where more than happy with the status quo.

    The problem being these millenials entering PH think it should be a constant earner.

    It isn't and never was.

    Ever wondered why at certain times of the day and night you can't get parked near the more popular cafes?

    Because they are full of Cabbies eating when there is no work.

    And do try and cut and paste things a little better.

    Let us know when Uber send you a Payslip, lol.
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  11. renod babek

    renod babek

    You left out redundancy pay!!

  12. Andreas0001


    If Uber can't afford to pay the minimum wage and basic rights I suggest they pack their laptops grab a latte and F*** Off back in Trumpland.
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  13. renod babek

    renod babek

  14. Dov


    Mediaeval times
  15. renod babek

    renod babek

    I had a good job years ago.
    And you could earn two thirds of your wages as a bonus each and every week!
    Pension holiday pay and bank holidays off.
    What this country needs is a revolution .
    I remember when everyone went crazy ‘cos if you were over 18 you had to pay a couple of hundred pound a year as poll tax.

    And now look,Women have to work to 66.
    Osborne moved retirement age April 2017 was the cut of date for women to retire at 60 on state pension.
    And not a dicky bird!
    Turn the poor on themselves.
    Grass on benefits cheats.
    And the government and the rich watch us all squabble !
    But they’re alright!
    We need a revolution!!!!
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  16. Andreas0001



    Mate the amount of effort you putting to get the amount you posted is unbelievably draining.
    You need to work in the crazy London centre all the time breathing toxic air working incredibly unsocial hours with a lot of stress involved.
    My opinion is that those 1000 pounds you posted is actually £700 for 7 days and is not worth it as there is not security in this current uber system and you can't do that for long term as we are not robots driving constantly in central London.
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  17. soTuga


    Agree, to earn £1k constantly takes all the energy out of the body, I done 3 weeks at £1k, this week couldn't hit that, despite over 44hrs online (55hrs driving).

    The new app, brought the prices per trip down by over £1, due to lower surge jobs and tighter earnings control.
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  18. Shane Sheikh

    Shane Sheikh

    £313 after 40 hours. In my 3 years with Uber never earnt less then £500 after commission after 40 hours. Not only me plenty of other here will say the same thing. Where did you get those figures from. Working right outside the m25 for 40 hours ?

    50 hours= £750 minimum
    Fuel £100
    Insurance £50
    Always save £100 a week for maintenance

    I don’t speak for people that rent/finance/lease

    No holidays/pensions etc. But if i need a day off I just take it off no need to ask anyone. If I’m going away for 2 weeks, I will work everyday for 2 weeks before.

    This is a job that requires basically no skill. Do not expect a lot out of it.
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  19. Jack Barclay

    Jack Barclay

    Exactly, if you were actually employed you wouldn’t have any overheads
  20. uberx2


    Really interesting how people think Uber Employment might look..Here's my take:

    • Fixed Rate of around £7.83 per hour before tax plus 100% of your tips, all subject to tax and NI.
    • In order to maintain employee flexibility and ensure that the needs of the business are met, you will be given a Zero Hours contract. You may request to work anytime you wish but will only be allocated work if there is work available to do.
    • You will receive the legal holiday pay which will be added to your hourly rate and equals 94.5p per hour so all together £8.77 per hour before tax and NI.
    • Any private use of your vehicle needs also to be either paid for or treated as a benefit in kind and subject to further tax & NI.
    • If YOU choose to pay 0.26 per hour towards your pension, Uber will have to pay 18p per hour into your pension fund.
    • Your pay will be broken down into 1 minute increments and you will only be paid for the minutes that you are working.
    • You wont be paid for travelling to work as this is not allowed.
    • The 'go online' button will be replaced with a 'request to start work button' Once pressed you will be placed in a queue to start work and will be allowed to start work when there is work for you to do.' Of course you wont be paid whilst your in the queue to start work.
    • Once you have finished the work you will be stood down and are free to request to join the queue to start work again.
    • You will be required to take statutory breaks which will of course be unpaid.
    • You may have to wear an Uber uniform.
    The New Uber Employees App
    • You will notice there is no option to accept or decline a job as you're now an employee and you are being paid so you will do what you are told to do.
    • There is no option to cancel a job as you're now an employee and you are being paid so you will do what you are told to do.
    • There is no destination trip button as you're now an employee and you are being paid to take people where they want to go.
    • Prices and surge will no longer be relevant to you as Uber will pocket all the surge and the difference between what your riders pay and what they pay you.

    What do you think?

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