When Uber asks how we like driving...


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Re: in app surveys
I doubt it is read ... but when you select a negative overall sat and they 'ask'... what else should we reply ...

No Tip function in App; Uber discourages tipping. Unable to opt for XL pings only; if I skip X pings have to deal with the 2 min timeout; Minimum fares are ridiculous 2-3 dollars!? Toll payment requires constant vigilance and back and forth with CS to get reimbursed. Rates are less than HALF of Taxi rate... WHY? My passengers tell me they would use Uber at the SAME rate of taxis. Constant programs to drive away surge pricing. Recruiting drivers to point of saturated driving areas with hour + queues at airports. Allowing unregistered drivers (in Dallas) to accept pings when they don't meet the legal requirements. Loss of pings when app is not on top; technical issue could be fixed but leads to lost revenue / timeouts / lower acceptance rates below promotion requirements. Allowing some drivers to 'screen' riders for the longer rides , by asking pax to cancel. In general ... the words referring to drivers as PARTNERS ... actions, policy and programs that prove drivers are a commodity to stretched to teh max. E.g. ALL revenue efforts benefit ONLY uber, not the drivers: go to fixed pricing with PAX which is always greater then the route mileage / time fee... drivers get 0 when the pax pays more.


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I think Uber is LESS concerned about taxis than they are of Lyft. My thought is, Concern about Lyft is keeping the Uber rates low. Not the taxis.


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Lyft should cut fees to 10% & improve the driver app/website.

Luckily for uber, lyft is ran by vision less tools.


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I agree with all those, good points. A minor, but annoying to me is the inaccurate tracking of Acceptance %.

Example - this week, all of a sudden I have 5 missed trips, and i have seen none of these. I do accept requests while on a ride, etc., so I really believe their app/system is inaccurate. Also, Rating - my rating hasn't changed over the last 200 or so trips. I dont think thats even possible when the are supposedly measuring to the .01.

Lastly, when I do get that random survey I give them the lowest rating.