when to know when it's "prime time"?


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Is it usually the "peak hours"? I don't want to be chasing the solid pink grids but would like to be sitting on the pink grid as it happens, is this possible or just by pure luck? Some riders tend to avoid the "surge" if they could since they're frugal and know fares cost more during "prime time", therefore at times, I think the solid pink grids tend to be hit or miss. Am I right?

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Never chase. Never move your car. Pink grids are illusory. They're about driver positioning. PrimeTime does not exist.

Let calls lapse until Lyft increases the fare percentage. Other drivers do this, which is why increased rates occur at all. You're catching the wave.

To assume that increased fares have ever been about "supply and demand" is an outright lie that Uber once created.

They told you and the public that not enough drivers were available.


Where's the proof? Have you ever seen it? And do you really believe they're isn't another driver within several feet of you who isn't starving?

I don't.

Oh, wow, a concert just let out and I see colors everywhere on my map. Five thousand people all need a ride at once, and yet 10,000 drivers are available within a 7 mile radius.

Fact: Uber and Lyft know what a passenger is willing to pay, and they work together to jack up rates.

And any passenger who thinks they can wait out a Surge has no idea what they're doing. On their end, the minimum fare increases. And even if they have the Driver app, it won't matter. (See above ... or below)