When Lyft tax forms arrive/declaring as a business?


Hey guys ! For any of you veterans here who have been doing lyft (or even uber) for over a year , when do your 1099 forms arrive in the mail , stating all of your earnings for the last year ?

Just ask cuz I heard that if you are in the city of L.A. , you can file for an exemption on your taxes if you submit all of your gross receipts to the city tax office by Feb. 1st (which seems really early , since most people dont even seem to have received their 1099 / W2 forms by then ... ).

BTW , how many of you -- lyft, or uber -- had to declare yourself as a "business" with the city ?

I have heard that if you are a rideshare , they want you to pay a business fee ( and I already had to declare myself as a "business" with the city for some untaxed , independent contractor work I did -- and they found out about -- about 2 years back ... which is / was completely diff from the lyft work ).

Maybe this is a question for a CPA but thought I'd hear of you guys' experiences ...