When Lyft Failed To Surpress The Surge/Primetime, it crashed

Last Saturday in my city, Uber and Lyft was surging like crazy because there were many events going on at once.
Lyft app crashed when Primetime = 550% or above. I could see it for a moment, or got the ping but tap to accept and nothing happened. One hour later, got a text message from Lyft that the issue is fixed and ready to ''cash in'' , my azz.

Let me explain, in case you haven't known yet.

The amount shown (before 20-25% commission) on every trip is NOT the real amount that a passenger has paid. It's just the amount that was based on your time +distance +primetime (if there's any).
Therefore, if systematically it's 550% primetime, Lyft would use their technology to show drivers 300% but CHARGE the riders 550% primetime, and pocket the difference.
When Lyft fails to do that mathematics, it crashes. That's why I was able to see the REAL primetime once in a while, but could not accept any incoming request and the app crashed after that.

That is why Lyft crashes more often than Uber, because they try to hide things from us, so that they can pocket more money. Uber is doing the same thing, but Uber got more advanced technology than Lyft that's why its app is more stable.

You've been informed!
Paranoia and Hersey, I've gotten 450%+ Primetimes, Pretty sure I've gotten 500%+ too. But most people even if they are drunk will not pay for such high transportation, Would you seriously pay 5 dollars a mile for a ride? And yes there Servers are not stable, It has crashed in the past during busy busy nights, If you ever play Online Games or Pokemon Go then you know Server Issues and Crashes are a real thing.


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Someone posted their 700 % PT catch so pretty sure they actually had to pay him less their cut.

Mista T

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Lyft crashed on me Saturday night also. For like 45 minutes. Because of it I was unable to complete all the peak rides I needed for maxing out my PDB.

I think it was systemwide, not just your market.


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Anyone have any luck with Lyft support as far as relaxing peak hour ride requirements for last week because of the crash sat night?

I should have done more peak rides earlier in the week or more on Friday night but Saturday has always been a reliable time to get peaks done..