When fUber starts to sound like grYFT


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We don't get none of that shit in my market.

After over one year of Uber I have yet to see any kind of spiff at all.

But, the chance to earn and extra $3.50 really caught my attention !!!!!!!!!


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No thanks I'll continue to hit go offline after a trip is accepted, this scheme is designed for you to lose posible surge rides, to send you trips without looking at the map and so on.


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Meh... I can't even get to try the fUber stuff since I'd have to drive 20 miles to the "Dallas core" before being able to chase the yuuuge promos they put out.

At least with grYFT's streak bonuses I can be where ever in the area to be eligible. And they pay a whopping six bucks for the threepeat. :eek: Life changing money, I know... :roflmao: No..., wait... Didn't get any streak bonus offers this week. Whaaaaa?????!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: