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When Do We Get Paid Again? Every Week Right?

Discussion in 'Baton Rouge' started by KTwhaat!, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. I'm a new driver, so I suspect that there would be somethings I don't understand yet. Could anyone help me out on this one?

    So I've been looking at the date on my pay statement (in my Uber partners account, it has not been emailed yet) for the past few days, and September 14, 2015 was always listed. Does that mean that my first check will come in next week even though I've worked last week, Aug 31-Sept 6? Should I not expect payment for my rides from this past week to be deposited on Thursday?

    I've thought that maybe since the pay period re-starts on Labor Day, payroll for the past week would not be completed in time. But why would they hold my check for that reason? If this is the case, why wasn't I notified? Are my concerns valid? Am I the only one with these concerns? Please help.
  2. elelegido


    You'll get a driver pay summary sometime tomorrow morning telling you how much they will be depositing this Thursday.
  3. Thank you!!
    So the date on the pay statement does not reflect the actual pay period?
  4. elelegido


    Yes, it will. The Sep 14 statement you see on the dashboard is a work-in-progress statement showing everything you may have earned from 4am today until now. The Sep 7 statement has been taken off the dashboard for now as Uber is still calculating it. They'll put it back when they're done, where it will appear in the list of previous pay statements if you have any.
  5. But all weekend there was a Sept 14 statement. I never had a Sept 7 statement. And, the Sept 7 statement has all my earnings since Sept 1.
  6. Just checked again. Everything seems to have updated. Thanks again!!

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