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When Can We Get More Than UberX?

Discussion in 'Licensed' started by DryHeat#1, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. DryHeat#1

    DryHeat#1 New Member

    Lake Havasu City
    How long does it take for Uber to roll out anything but UberX in a city? I currently drive a higher end vehicle in Western Arizona. The vehicle would qualify for XL and SUV (possibly BLACK), but since we only have X here, I'm limited to the lowest fares while pax gets premium ride. I get many requests from riders who desire XL and SUV service and are frustrated that they cannot specify. Would appreciate comments from cities where the rider options have increased and about how long it took for this to happen. Thanks!
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  2. unitxero

    unitxero Well-Known Member

    NY, NY
    Uber is not moving towards luxury services, they are moving to restrict them and phase them out. Now only high rated drivers can offer Black rides for example, Select was removed from the NYC market. Uber SUV/Black now does Uber X calls, lowering the paying quality of customer for your vehicle class. Do not hope to see Uber expand on these services. Expect them to eliminate it.

    For XL not being present, while X services are being offered is kind of strange honestly, I don't know when they would integrate that into your market sadly.
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  3. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    Uber just removed Black/SUV in Orlando.
    The trend seems to be to getting out of high end services.
  4. PowerNapper

    PowerNapper New Member

    Atlanta, GA
    XL was added to the Montgomery, AL / Auburn, AL market about 60 days after Uber launched in the market.
  5. AVLien

    AVLien Member

    Uber seemed to imply that they were rolling out Select service in our area...but did not directly say so. I can't even find out what levels of service they offer anymore because the app sends me to the website, which sends me back to the app. If they don't, I'm going to be bummed because I bought the car I have simply because it qualifies for Select. There is definitely a market for it where I live. Maybe the solution is for me to just get my limo license, insurance, & market it myself. Seems like someone could build a nice little business just running referrals for higher-end Uber drivers if they start scaling back the luxury tiers. I don't feel like making an app, but I will if necessary. ;)

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