What's your Weekday Quest?


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Once I chased the 25 for $70 for the last weekday Quest I figured they would then hose me on this one. They never offer consecutive Quests worth doing. $40 for 35 for this week. Nah, 25 is my limit for weekdays.


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Whelp they ain't treating me well then since it's dropping quicker than the stock market
Next week gonna be back to $30 for 50 rides probabaly
Took 2 weeks of not driving Uber to get these quests and I didn't even hit the quest last week only did 7 trips


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Maybe they're tweaking The Surge calculation. Make more surge available less Quest? Who knows we are just Lab Rats to them


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2 weeks ago: $70/15
Last week: $70/20
This week: $55/20

Time to budget and see if I could use the extra cash or not. After seeing you guys kill with surge for a few days, and being able to hit my own quest in just one day last week, I'll prob go for it. Not sure I'd go for a quest lower than what I got this week though.