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What's your Lyft incentive this week?

Martin Kodiak

Well-Known Member
I'm back to power zones. no more streaks.
I have never had a streak, just the damned PDB which is undoable. This last weekends power zones made my Friday and Sat. Plus rides to and from Ballard / UD / Crap hill with some LQA were good business.

Martin Kodiak

Well-Known Member
Same here--since all of last week. But I'm also being offered $25 for 5 rides.
Offfhh I have never seen that at all. I drive Shyft and Plus, and have done so since Feb. I get PDB and Power zone, and I do $200/$300 a week with Shyft. I have never seen CT from Shyft., only Goober.

Martin Kodiak

Well-Known Member
I've been getting streak offers from Gryft for at least 3 weeks. Initially, their appearance coincided with a disappearance of PZs. Now I'm back to getting PZs again, but only have 2 streak offers for the upcoming week.

At my rate of $25 for 5 CT, 20 rides would get me a bonus of $100.
This is a great conversation on how the two companies present different situations to different drivers.

Nothing should ever be presumed to be the same as what is offered to the other driver in your parking lot, or in your freeway lane.

Nothing is = here

Including driving skills
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