What's your average rides per hr in the surge zone?

how many rides are you getting on avg? Are you making more money or less now that they got the surge zone set? I notice less surging throughout the city now. Havent really driven due to the bs promo all drivers out scrambling for the surge.


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I was gonna say You gave out so much info for uber to reverse look you up, but then saw got deactivated . So you don't have to worry about that anymore. Sorry it happened, But atleast You got Amazon. See you tommorro I guess :smiles:

Suburban LV

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No idea but it can't be too good with all of the drivers I saw sitting around in the pick up zones when I was doing drop offs and pick ups and than returning for another pick up to see the same drivers sitting there. I know the sweet spot to get the pings for particular properties and it's not in the pick up zone. :smiles:

I just wanted to do my minimum to collect the bonus and was shocked by how many Uber drivers were all over the place sitting around doing nothing. Might as well just drive for a cab to beat the hell out of their cars if you want to do 10 hour shifts.


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All these driving seating around the pickup area sucks, you can't pickup your paxs. They think they're taxi's.