What's you best tip ever?


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My best tip ever is 6 dollars all 2 dollar bills


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$40 for returning an IPhone. On a straight drop with no return of merchandise, $28 cash on a 7 mile trip from the airport to Eagan.


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$20 cash from an XL run Friday night, a bunch of dudes with cool accents... :smiles:

I've received $20 on 3 occasions but that's my best. Seeing more in app tips which is nice although I prefer CASH.


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My best tip came a few months ago. I went to a pick up and this guy met me and said he had requested the ubers to get the people from his party home. After getting the passengers I was there to pick up, he said thank you for getting his friends home and he wanted to know if he could shake my hand. I said sure as he's shaking my hand he had a bill in his hand and passed it to me it was $100 bill. Thinking maybe he made a mistake I asked him if he knew the size of the bill and he said yes sure a 100 please get my friends home safely.


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I received $60 for returning an iPhone 5 to someone a few nights ago.
I don't know if you would consider it two tips or one, but I had two couples in the vehicle and dropped off the first couple and received $20, and then dropped off the second couple for another $20 tip. So $40 for the trip, but two different 20's.

I have also received 2 other $20 tips bringing home bartenders at 3am. A few $10, but mostly just a few dollars.

Best in app is $6.


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Quite a few $20 tips. In apps seem to be catching on a bit mostly $1 and $2 but have seen $5 & $6 as well.


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Drunken older couple picked up at wedding reception, going to their hotel. Approx 10 minute ride, male pax asked me literally 100 questions about Uber/myself/etc in that time. They asked me to honestly say what the average tip was that I got and I replied most folks don't tip. Wasn't sure if I hosed myself, then as they were leaving the wife gave me a $20.


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$60 in a night giving two riders to a couple girls. They gave me $20 the first time and asked for my number to bring them home. Tipped me $40 back home.

Sometimes it is worth your time to give out your personal number to PAX.


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Back in Jan I picked up dead drunk chick at 2.30 am in Saint Paul (ended up with a drop off and decided to do one more)
2 mile ride and she says "Can we stop at Taco Bell?"
45 $ tip

30 $ tip on a trip Shoreview to Buffalo for 2 mexicans that work for 10 $ per hour .


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In app I've seen $10 a couple times only. Got a $20 bill on a $40 ride a couple weeks ago, pretty nice except having to drive back 62 miles. Funny, today I got a buck in app on a $22 airport run.


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I received $30 taking to 40's women home from a bar. One woman gave me $20 cash the other women with the account tipped $10 in app. I also returned a coach clutch purse to a stripper who left it in my car. I never unzipped the purse, but when I returned it she took out $50 and handed it to me saying, nobody does this thank you so much. I joked and said must be some valuables in there, she said, you have no idea. Wishing I took a peek.