What's up party peoples!


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we got our own thread....

So my name is Ben. I drive part time. I have a full time job already in Warner Robins and I do a bit of driving before and after work......been doing it a month now and just passed the 100 ride mark.

I really have fun with it. Looking fwd to meeting some local drivers


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I'm David. I signed up to drive a couple years ago in Montgomery, but never actually went over there to drive. I moved my profile to WR as soon as they started here, and started actively driving about 8 months ago. I am at 438 trips so far. I usually just drive on Fri and Sat nights in WR, and occasionally Macon or Atl (if I get a ride request up to that area). I have a day job as well, so the only time during the week I drive is with the destination filter turned on on the way home from work every day (get one about 2 days out of the week, pays for gas for the weekend, lol). There is also a MCN/WR Facebook group that I'm in that may be a good source for local members called "Macon Uber drivers - requesting membership check your pm's!"


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Man I live out in Reynolds tried the destination filter but never got pings.......I just cross my. Fingers and hope I don't catch any rides taking me to far.......)last week caught a ride from the base going to Macon......that put me home a little later then I wanted but hey, it was a $15 fare