What's the very cheapest way to get the worst cell phone possible?


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We need another phone for the house and Virgin's iPhone plan @ $1 for a year unlimited is just the ticket. The problem is it requires you to move your number into them. As such, I'm thinking to get a flip phone with the worst pre-paid plan possible. I can't find one for cheaper than about $20 for the phone and $15/month right now, but I feel there has to be something cheaper. Any ideas?


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Can't beat FREE - with SafeLink Wireless or Assurance Wireless - if you can qualify.
They'll even provide a free phone (worst).


I saw all your posts. I have something you should know,
If you plan to do Tracfone, a word of warning, their
Customer service stinks, my mother has a family plan
With that company. I swear, mom has been more than
Patient, then they frustrate her, she's had to make sure I'm
Getting minutes every month, but every month she had to call
Tracfone every month to get my minutes, last week mom got me
A new phone. I payed her for it, but she ordered it. It took
Her a rediculous 2 and a half plus hours talking to Tracfone,
She was transferred to 4 departments, one idiot hung up on her.
I tell you, the customer service stinks, if anyone is getting or
Wants to get Tracfone plan or package, be prepared. I don't
Know what other carriers have cheaper plans or packages.
I hope that if you do deal with Tracfone, you don't experience
What my mother has. This is just a friendly warning.