What's the most expensive vehicle you ever bought?


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Should that car be related to RS or not?

Personal use Subaru Tribeca limited full edition Touring, $24,000. I was second owner. Never own a brand new car and never will.

Big Lou

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Nothing like a brand new Caddy in the early 90's. Can't beat the ride, smooth and the service is nothing compared to the others. I remember waiting in line to check in for service and a cart with coffee, pastries, paper and fruit would come by. Now that's what I call class.
I wonder if they still do that.


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In 2015 I bought a new 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 LTZ Z71 6.2L Fully loaded $65000.00. It even had its own cell phone number. Not a ride share truck for sure. I put 90k miles on it and sold it back to the dealer for $30000.00 last year. Now I could kick myself every time I think about it.😢😭


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A DSM, wow its been a while since I heard about those cars jesus.....

06 subaru impreza wrx bought in 2008 with 9k miles I paid like 20k for it i was technically the only owner of the car too it wasn't registered before me


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around $35000 for a minivan,never been into fancy cars,did however purchase 2 standardbred yearlings at a sale today,paid $495000 for the 2 of them