What's the best customer rating you've seen?


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Loool give the guy a break his new. don't pick up 4.6. Or lowerb 4.7 sure to be short ride but u never know. 4.6 lower likely ull get low rating and have issues with the pax

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You never can tell. The ratings can be total bullshit. I took a 4.3 to the airport a couple of weeks ago, guy was cool and tipped. He was ☆☆☆☆☆ with me!


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I was 11 minutes away from a 4.4 pick up in a gated community. Cancelled 9 minutes into the approach for pickup. Probably for the best, but no cancellation fee.

Best pickups are 5. That's because it's their first ride.


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Best "real" rating I've seen and picked up was a 4.98. (By real, I mean not a 5.0, which usually means it's a new pax or one with few rides where (s)he's been 5'd.

He tipped $4.

Worst? I've picked up a 4.4 by accident (accepted it thinking it said 4.9) but the girl was okay, no issues. I 5'd her because she greeted me back and didn't slam my doors. Figured maybe she has had a few rough rides before, so I'd help her get up to 4.5. :p


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Honestly think the ratings are a meaningless for riders as they are for drivers. You're trusting a total stranger to judge someome and relay to you whether they are worth picking up. I have a regular customer (exchanged emails) who goes to and from the airport two or three times a month. She always tips me and we chat. She was a 4.2 before I came along, been throwing 5 stars at her every trip. I have also picked up a 3 star (morbid curiosity) and subtly tried to uncover her Uber history. She was very pleasant, said she rides often, I couldn't figure out why she was rated low. Didn't tip, so maybe it was just that old driver "never give 5 stars to someone that doesn't tip!" bullshit. Her fare was over $20 for a 12 minute ride. If I passed her by, I might have sat empty or got a non-surge request. At this point I accept every request and use the rating to judge whether I should kick them out if they behave inappropriately, figuring it is a pattern.