Whats going on !?


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Is something wrong with uber's system ? Or is it just extremely dead?. Ive been waiting 1 hour between jobs and yeterday i was logged on for 2 hours with not even one job. Is anyone else having a similar problem?


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Ok im with u but thats been the case for a while now. This has only just starting to happen over the last 4 days . Like 5.30 am start is usually really good and busy , but now its the deadest time .... strange
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More and more drivers sharing the same amount of work = less work to go around per driver !! Plus new drivers are guaranteed a minimum amount per hour average for first few months ( in your terms and conditions) = even less work for those who have expired there new driver priority !


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same story too many drivers saturation point ..many uber drivers have come over to coventry having heard its good.. sadly 12 months ago it was but npw we see far too many and earning at least 100 a day for 8 hrs is harder to do especially in the week