What's going on today?


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Just had another call , I arrived and no rider and all of a sudden the call disappeared ? No record of it on my app! Omg what is happening tonight??


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It's a total crapshoot. On Thursday night I got a few X calls and ignored a bunch of POOL requests. Friday night: all X calls - not even one POOL request.


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Anyone else having these issues???
One of the best practices I found on this forum is a s follows.....

before I start my day driving I turn off my phone for 30 seconds and restart everyone. This ensures that all my settings are fresh on the system and nothing is running in the background.

If I'm not getting any pings i will sign out and sign back in.

If you are online but the system doesn't have a vehicleplatform selected then you are not online.

Sometimes I have found that in fumbling with my phone my app somehow does not have a platform selected after I dropped off a client. So, I'm always checking settings to ensure everything is correct.