whata. Wait


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Hi Jbbarn112 ! Welcome to the forum

I will go through the drive-thru if there is no line or just a car or two. I got stuck in a Whataburger drive-thru once, because a car broke down. Ruined my night.


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The only time I've had a drive-thru request, the PAX said "We want to go to Jack In The Box if that's OK. Are you guys allowed to do that?" They were very nice about it.
It was my one chance to say Oh you're right, we can't. Sorry!
Anyway, we did and the car smelled like that for 20 minutes after. Had to drive around with all the windows open to try and clear it out for the next PAX.


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It all worked out. I forgot how slow whata burger is at 2:00a.m.. almost saw chick fight. 8)