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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by zselonika, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Hello Uber poeople,

    I'm sure something like this has happened to some of you out there and I'm just curious how some of you handle it just because Uber's rules seem so vague at certain times. I picked up a drunk married couple from the Wharf the other night and my Uber app crashed. I was in a bad traffic situation and basically lost navigation on the way to the destination. So the drunk husband says, "I'll tell you where to go just listen to me." So I immediately felt like "OH GREAT. This sounds like a good idea..."*eye roll*. So we're en route to their home in NW and on the way the couple gets in an argument and they eventually get to a point where they're saying pretty mean things to one another( I mean her husband was a real DBAG but she was egging it on so it's hard to say who was at fault really and they were both UBER DRUNK). So she gets to the point to where she says, "Hey, you know what driver, drop me off at this Hilton at the top of the hill before you get to our house." The husband was saying "NO NO NO NO don't do that, just take us home." Which is what I really wanted to do, don't bring your drama in my car and act like little kids.....Go home and sort this out. She was mad at me and then slammed my car door when she got out....Is there any kind of report you can send to Uber about that or is there something I could have done along the ride like made them get out of my car. I've been driving for awhile but this has never happened to me where I was that uncomfortable and just wanted a rider to get out.

  2. Calm down or GTFO of my car.
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  3. dallascisco


    Report rude pax
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  4. Kawiz03


    Washington, DC
    I had one of those from bethesda to montgomery village dude was a FHP keeps talking down to wife burping like he was going to hurl I told them chillout or get out...doesnt hurt im a big dude so yeah never drive if you feel there is a danger pullover lighted area flag down cops if needed gtfo--->
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  5. Both out the car at the Hilton. 1 Star and move on ASAP.
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  6. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    I basically do what they say
    I usually ask 'are y'all sure?' I kind of slow down and let them think things out for 5-15 seconds
    However, whatever the consensus is after those 15 seconds IS WHAT GOES
    cannot change your mind after that.
    My job is A to B or A to B to C. Not a babysitter or a mind-reader.
  7. THE MAN!

    THE MAN!

    This is why I rarely ever drive evenings any longer. Just not worth it if you can avoid it! Alcohol changes people and most bad things happen after midnight.

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  8. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^This, THIS and THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  9. roadman



    Kill her.
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  10. 1st strike=give them a warning. 2nd strike= boot them out of your car and report them. Some of you are too damn nice,passive and soft for this gig. Grow a pair,put your foot down and let them know who is in charge. Uber doesn't pay enough to put up with that crap.
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  11. Like I said, never really dealt with that BS before!
  12. 3.75


    Washington, DC
    I've had people joke around like that and I've said if one goes out, the other goes as well. That gets them rethinking their options anyways.
  13. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    Whenever my sister and I fought in the back of the car my mom would pull over and say, "I'm just going to wait here until you two sort out your **** and then I will continue to drive."
    I've wanted to do that to Pax a few times. :rolleyes:
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  14. UberPotomac


    Who requested the UBER?
    He or she will be the rating authority.
    After ending trip on destination. Go to the trip help and report as rude or as unsafe. Just leave a record of the incident just in case, they wake up and blame you.
  15. HPClays


    1. I would remind them that the ride is being recorded
    2. I would refuse to complete the ride if they cannot be civil. Pull over and ask them if I should proceed.
    3. Remind them that I refuse to be in the middle of their argument and suffer stress, damage to MY vehicle and potential violence.

    4. If the situation doesn't IMMEDIATELY de-escalate, dial 9-1-1

    And NO MATTER WHAT results, report to Uber, archive dashcam video ( to dispute any counter-report by them, and as evidence, should there be corresponding violence between them after drop-off)

    I have gotten to step 3.5 before.
  16. pomegranite112


    Fairfax, VA
    Warnings lead to getting a 1 star. Kick them out or stfu. No warnings

    I couldnt find a couple once. It was raining. I called them. Couple was argueing. Hung up got my cancel fee and drove on
  17. Uberfunitis


    If someone asks to get out of my vehicle I am going to make sure that I stop as soon as it is safe to do so and let them out. I think technically that could have been unlawful detention for the brief time between the hotel and their final destination where she was no longer a willing rider.
  18. QueenZ


    Washington DC
    I try my best to tune it out. If that doesn't work I turn up the music volume. If they loop me in I try one or all of the following:
    1. I usually side with whomever ordered the ride. And I would say so, "this is Jim's ride, so whatever he says goes." Also called rating protection.
    2. "Why don't you revisit this in the morning when it's just the two of you and no alcohol in the equation?" I elaborate further by explaining how alcohol is really a third party.
    3. "Hey guys, I'm happy to drive you to the nearest police station. They have experience dealing with domestic disputes and they can surely help you sort this out."

    Sometimes I get a laugh or two. Most of the time I make it to their destination and the ride ends. That's a happy ending.
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  19. Both out after a couple of warnings. And 1 star.
  20. roadman


    If they want out I will stop right away. I have dropped off on the middle of an exit ramp before. Safety third.
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