What would you do?


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I go to pick up a pax, and we had a bit of a difficulty when it came to pickup location. Since I gots ticket for "blocking" traffic, I've been very careful about where I pick up and drop off. The address given on the app was not where the paxes were waiting. They basically needed to cross the street to get to me. I tell the guy where I parked, but he kept telling his family--I assume--that "I should come to them" after one of the people say that they should go to me. Before he hung up, I heard say that I am going to get a bad rating. I of course cancel with "wrong address" being the reason. Do you think I should have picked "no show" so I could get the cancellation fee? I've gotten to the point where I want to refund these paxes who think I'm their slaves. I don't mind the Uber money, but I am not going to kiss anyone's butt.

The ride turned out to be a min. fare one. This is the second guy who was rude to me in recent times while paying $8.80. I unfortunately didn't have the courage to kick the first one out of my car--as expected, he gave me a bad rating(not sure what). Now, any pax, whether the account holder or not, who is rude, will have to leave my vehicle. The sad thing is that the guy who pinged me had a 4.96 rating. I almost wanted to do the ride just so we could have exchanged ratings of one.


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If it's passed 5 then hit cancel and no show. collect 4. If not, wait for 5.

I don't get emotionally attached. They are just a number to me.

EWR. term B arrival area. I arrive.They tell me that they are on level 2 departure level. I waited for 5. Hit cancel. Collect 4 and got an another pax.

Keep the line moving.