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What would you do if more businesses start banning Uber or Lyft from picking up or dropping off ?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by ng4ever, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. ng4ever


    Not sure why they would do this because it would hurt their business most likely. Curious what drivers would do if this became a trend.
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  2. Drop them off a block away.
  3. ng4ever


    Good idea! If someone really can't walk a block they have a problem.
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  4. i'd write my congressman...cause THAT always works;)
  5. Yeah, as you stated, it won't fly well with their work force so I doubt many would go that route. If anything, they would have a dedicated pick up and drop off area. For the ones that ban rideshare completely, drop them off as close as I can get them and pick ups could be arranged with phone calls (If pax are cooperative), if not, collect my no show fee and move on with my life.
  6. Just what we need. Mandated wheelchair vans to drop folks off a block away, on the wrong side of the street.

    I know several places where our access is effectively blocked. All we can do is let the passengers apply pressure from their side. If the ABC Corporate HQ can't see a legitimate reason for us to enter their hallowed ground, ABC can explain to their drones how it's reasonable for the drones to have to walk a half-mile to a pick-up zone.
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  7. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    In my market we have more and more businesses that are doing away with their own shuttle services/company cars and they’re hiring Uber rides for their customers/employees.
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  8. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    At the University of Tampa...

    We were not allowed on campus...

    That was two years ago...

    The dean was in cahoots with the taxis...

    Enough students complained...

    And eventually he got overruled...8>)

    I was personally banned from the school...

    For a solid year...had to drop off close...

  9. Coachman


    How is this even a problem? I've never been told I can't operate at a business.
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  10. Stop following the girls around
  11. What did you do Rakos, did it involve slinging poo?
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  12. I day trade stock on the side, I have my iPad on me to excute trades while waiting on pings.
  13. daave1


    I live and drive in a town with a large Casino and whenever I pick up at their main entrance, the valet guys go ape-chit crazy. It got to the point a few months ago where I would start driving towards the casino, and after 3 minutes I would call the passenger and ask where they were located. If they said they were at the main entrance I would tell them that they need to proceed to the rideshare zone, located on the other side of the casino which is about a five-minute walk. The unintended consequence with this is that about half the passengers cancel, giving me the $3.75 cancellation fee. The other half that do walk over, spend half the ride *****ing and moaning about the casinos policy. So in this case, it actually has worked out great for me.
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  14. Well
    You KNOW he isnt in it
    For the
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  15. We KNOW what Rakos would do . . .

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  16. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

  17. Lol. Ban uber/lyft :)
    Thats like banning pedestrians from walking on a sidewalk.

    Id still pickup and drop off as normal. As long as the pickup dropoff is in an assumend public place...they cant do ****. If they do like they did at the college for rakos.. Id ask em how they know im not just coming to pickup a friend?
    Or..how do they know im not a student. And why are they harrassing me? Id sue the college and freakin win.

    Theyd have to have a security officer policing the parking lot doing nothing but looking for people with uber/lyft stickers..and then telling them to leave.

    At which point theyd be sued for discremenation. Cause...

    Were they turned away cause they had an uber sticker..they were black
    ..gay...bi..... White....spanish?

    Were they really picking up or..coming to do bussiness at an assumend public space? How did the securitt guard know for a fact they were picking up/dropping off and not coming to work?

    Lol. This is the kind of hypethetical thats up there with..

    "What would you do if people became vampires..or zombies"

    Its a fantasy question and can only be answered by people who live in a fantasy world.

    What would i do if this happened?
    Nothing..id carry bussiness as normal.
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  18. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

    Theyd have to have a security officer policing the parking lot doing nothing but looking for people with uber/lyftstickers..and then telling them to leave.

    This is EXACTLY what they did...8>)

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  19. I have never had any issues with this. Ubers/Lyfts are generally in and out of a business faster than taxis, especially for drop offs. We do not have to wait for the rider to pay the fare. We do not have to write out a receipt. We just stop, rider gets out, and we move on. Only issue may be is if a rideshare driver is just staked out waiting for a ride which I never do on a company's property (mostly because I may not get a ping if I'm too close). I've had doormen/valets ask me who I'm picking up and I tell them and they usually go looking and calling for the person.
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  20. Barona?

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