What would ants think about moving pax in a hurricane evacuation?


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As this is the first time in the Uber era that parts of my area are under hurricane evacuation order (i.e., Hurricane Sally), this got me thinking. Folks who decide to give up their car and depend on Uber might find themselves without the ability to evacuate. And certainly, in a Hurricane Katrina evacuation - or even worse Hurricane Rita (https://www.chron.com/news/houston-...ta-anxiety-leads-to-hellish-fatal-6521994.php) - the idea of ants going back & forth to evacuate pax seems impossible. Would ants do the public service and help these pax, or would they take the attitude of "every man for himself"? Will Uber come up with a Uber-Evacuate service?


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Well, duh, of course it would be as paid
well, you did say 'public service' sooooooo. Anyway, I think we've seen Uber nay RS provide rides in areas of disasters. There have been media reports each time. There is always going to be some ants who have their stuff squared away and willing to go 'online' and possibility increase their risk. Ants get paid, pax get away. Win, win.