What u don't know about surge maps....


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So earlier this week I went once again to the Uber office as to not break the habit of paying them a weekly visit. Aside from asking them to fix some changes their system apparently made Monday morning I also asked for insight on surge maps given a recent incident where I was not paid a surge rate while the map was glowing for a few minutes. Here is their explanation, please pay close attention if u drive several platforms

According to Uber here in S FL, if u choose to drive across several platforms (in my case XL, Lux, Lux SUV) the surge map u see is no limited to those platforms. Their explanation is that their system gets confused and shows u surges that include X. So, if u want to see if there is a surge for ur platform u need to change ur settings n select the platform that is specific for ur vehicle (in my case, lux suv) and most often than not u will find that there really is no surge other than for UberX.

The rep who helped me actually went off to ask the supervisor before she gave me this answer as she, not the rep next to her were certain of the correct response.

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Even then, there is a lag in what the driver app displays. The only accurate way to see what's going on is to check the pax app. Even then, if a pax takes their time finishing a request, you can get one at an older rate. Got to check the ping when it comes in.