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What to do with a puking passenger?


New Member
So I go to my pick up. This girl gets in, but doesn't close the door. She leans over my back seat and starts to puke. She starts out in this little plastic bag that she is holding but then it quickly turns out all over onto the whole backseat of my car. I sit there for a full 5 minutes watching this girl puke in my backseat while her friend is trying to tell her to get out of my car. She refused. I used to be a taxi driver for many years, and we could physically pull people out of the vehicle if they were puking or going to puke in a commercial vehicle. However, I was unsure if I had the right to do this as an Uber driver. At what point if any or at all, am I able to pull passengers out of my vehicle? I know that I can ask them to exit my car but obviously, her friend want having much luck in this department so i don't think i would have had much luck either. Any options, opinions or anything in between?

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