What time of day do you drive?

What time of day do you drive? Just Curious

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I'm just curious what time we all drive.

Also is the time you drive the time you'd like to drive or do you drive a different time because it pays better?


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I drive from about 9am - 7pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally I work Saturday but I never work Sunday, I like to spend the weekends with my family. I work these hours because they are convenient for me, and I've found that for me my average hourly earnings are fairly consistent irregardless of what hours / days I work.


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Another part-timer, and also seasonal driver. I hardly drive at all from June through November -- I think I drove a few hours 2 weekends during those months in 2019.

During busy season, my normal pattern is to drive Thursday afternoon from about 4 - 7 PM, Friday 4-8, Saturday and Sunday usually about 2-8 PM. But my schedule is very much subject to life getting in the way, so it varies a good bit.


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I drive Mon thru Fri from 5 AM to 3 PM because at that time I need to collect my kids from school (my wife is working) so they are under my care until she gets home late at night. I wish I could do weekends, specially at night, but she also works on weekends so I simply can't. She makes a lot more dough than what I can bring home from driving so she gets the preference........and this scheme will go on until I find a suitable job for me. After that (which I really hope it happens rather soon) Uber and Lyft will become PART TIME which has always been my original plan.


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Hmm' see I think because I'm Lyft only since uber F'ed me' I'm much more limited. I only drive weekend nights unless there's a massive surge. Because otherwise on lyft I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs losing money. If I drove the daytime hours a lot of you are driving' I would net about $2-3 an hour.


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I have a Full-Time Mon - Fri so my driving is limited to after leaving work on week days, any where from 5 - 7 pm, and driving weekends.

I normally turn on the app as I am wrapping up at my day job and depending on what I have to do that evening I may drive as late as midnight Mon - Thu. On Friday evening, Sat, and Sunday I base my driving on what I have to do that weekend. I may have the app on all day or off and on as time permits.