What the hell is going on with petrol prices today


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Yes noticed wollies was 99.x before discounts and shell was $1.29! I did some some shells in the $1.05 range while out today.


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Standard price cycle
While there is a cycle, its not normally out of wack so much between places. 99.9 at some places, 1.29 at others. Even woolies is 50/50 split between the two I noticed today.

Anyhow, I filled up @ 99.9 even though it wasn't really need, better now than when it jumps 30%!


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What the ACCC should realy do is send a strong "please explian" to all the supplier who hiked the prices by 30% for no apparent reason.
Its all in the wording and business model, this was looked into ages ago by the ACCC. The devil was in the detail, like always.

Basically its not a price 'hike' the price has always been say $1.29/l, but the petrol stations have been 'discounting' the fuel by 30c/l for the last week, so the price had been 99c/l. This discounting is now been removed, so the price is back to cough cough normal pricing.

Yeah its total Bullsh!t, but these global monster companies know how to play the market! You don't get rich being a nice guy, thats for sure.

and they don't pay tax either! Chevron paid only $248 tax on $1.7b profit..... Yes 248 DOLLARS..... as in 5 $50 notes!



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Go to 7/11 cheapest fuel
filled my tank at 98 cents
warning!!!! do not fill up at 7/11 ...i have recently filled up my 5 lt jerrycan and guess what folks the bowser was showing 6.52 lt bloody crooks 1.5 lt down the drain...when i was about to pay i was adamant to pay only for 5 lt but the indian service guy said i should talk to the boss bla bla....


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You do realise a jerry can will hold more than the stated amount?

You do realise that petrol pumps are randomly audited by NMI

You do realise you need to make a complaint to NMI if you teally believe and error