What percentage of users here are corporate shills?

What percentage of users here are corporate shills?

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You must realize, they have access to all the info they need via your phone, and don't need shills. That said, there are a likely number of members here that are "company" people, and more who read these forums.


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There are at least two allegedly female shills and some others that have come and gone. There are some others that are less obvious and don’t post very often.


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Unless some common search term leads many non-uberpeople to a thread here, I doubt there's any intervention from corporate.

Imagine if the Google search term was "uber pay" and the top result was a UberPeople thread calling out Uber for the shit pay. You bet it would be astroturfed.


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<1%. I refuse to vote because the poll choices are unrealistic.
Going off on a tangent, it would be quite an interesting experiment if UP management were to pull the site's logs, and cross-reference users and their source IP addresses. That can point out the so-called sock puppets!

Tracking the source/ownership of those IP addresses might shed some light in their shillness.