What percent of riders tip?


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Almost everyone tips a taxi driver. But not so for Uber (ironic, considering that they are saving money). It's funny the things people tip: hair lady, manicurist, delivery guy. But not the Uber driver.

I have found the best tippers are airport pickups.

What percentage of your riders tip?


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Driving in Jackson TN it's far and few with local paxs one's visiting the area maybe 70%. When driving in TC Mich a tourist city most pax rides were from all around the US and out of the country. I think they were use to tipping from where they live. I was easy to make $100 a week in tips working only 30hrs a week


Jackson is pretty decent as far as tipping. Nashville varies a lot. I have days were I get 50 - 60% of the riders tip, and then the next day it will be maybe 10%.


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The tips vary depending on the attitude of driver, smoothness of the ride, cleanliness of car. Also, each passenger is different and what one does has no impact on what the next one will do. The best thing to do is work on those three you can control and not worry about the passenger. You have no control over them and if they sense you are trying to control them or get them to tip, then forget it.