What is your record for one night of driving in State College?

I live in Pittsburgh so I always drive here. However, one of my buddies told me his friend made $2,000 one night. I figure he must be lying, but still had to ask people. How much do you usually make on a weekend night? Would it be worth it for me to drive over and crash at a motel ever?

Thanks so much. I know its probably bullshit but got me intrigued enough to ask.


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That is 100% absolutely impossible. Now, if you hit a good football weekend, with a 3:30 kickoff - you can hit 2000 working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But one night - not so much.


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My highest earnings was the weekend of “state paddy’s” $840 for two late nights from around 9pm-4am. And I had one person puke in my car. Also I do uberXL