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What is your prefered music source?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Transeau, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Streaming (Apple/Google/Spotify/Pandora)

  2. SiriusXM

  3. FM / HD-Radio

  4. CD / Tapes

  5. iPod / Flash Drive / SD Card

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  1. I flip between my own playlists and SiriusXM.
    I default to my Apple Music playlists, depending on mood.
    If a pax gets in that I think may not like my current music, I'll switch to the one of the preset stereotyping stations.

    Would anyone be interested in sharing some of their playlists for the the streaming services?
  2. While Ubering: FM radio fixed on a contemporary mix station, no changes or aux cord allowed.
    While driving for myself: 50/50 mix of same radio station and my phone's mp3 albums.
  3. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    I use FM right now but prefer xm/sirius but have been torturing sales reps as they dont seem to give me what I want anymore for like $1.75 a month

    I would love to use spotify fulltime but cant filter the curse words
  4. Pandora on either the 70s, 80s, or 90s....until they ask for something else. Fox ANYTHING and rap are strictly verboten!
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  5. I am 100% behind you on with the no FOX anything. I’m okay with select rap, but really anti country.
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  6. See I’d listen to all the twangin my wife stole my truck and ran away with my dog songs all day long before you’d ever hear rap in my car.
  7. XM channel 68, The Spa. I've been told repeatedly how nice the music is.
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  8. I keep 68 as preset #2. My personal favorite is 33, First Wave.
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  9. Flash Drive mostly.
  10. Hugo


    I like Pandora's Oscar Peterson channel. Amazon Music's Cool Jazz is also good.
  11. JLaw1719


    Mostly YouTube and Google Play during the rides. My favorite music at this point is Synthwave so I always just have a channel by NewRetroWave playing. It’s “safe for work” and I haven’t had a negative response to it yet.

    Podcasts and audiobooks in between rides usually.
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  12. Brunch


    SiriusXM mainly. Every once in awhile I'll use the free version of Spotify.

    Dang, they gave it to you for that little? It's like $5 a month that they'll go down to. 6 months for $30 is the special rate.
  13. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    I use Amazon and for early mornings I’ll use a “crafty afternoon” playlist, for afternoons I use a “cleaning the house” playlist. They’re not songs I even know but they seem to be liked by pax.

    I had Sirius and loved it but didn’t want to pay for it any longer.
  14. From some reason streaming sounds like crap in my prius so I stick to SiriusXM, usually the smooth jazz station.
  15. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    My pax can change the radio in my car to what they like, but I also have it set up so they can connect by bluetooth to my car radio if they want.
  16. I live in a college town, so its Pandora Today's Hits. No aux cord. However that can backfire too. Last time i said no aux cord, I had 4 drunk college coeds playing music via a phone speaker and they were all singing at the top of their lungs.
  17. As a pax in a black car it’s almost always NPR.

    In my own, I usually go FM HD classical and ask if the pax have a preference. Almost all the sober ones say no.
  18. buzzoven


    San Luis Obispo, CA
    For me it's either Slayer or NPR.
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  19. nickd8775


    NJ / Philly
    I have an HD radio in my car and my city has some great stations on HD2 sub channels, all with no commercials. Only downside is that the HD2 stations don't go as far as the main FM stations. So pretty much, any "long trips" I have to choose a different source, usually it's streaming the same HD2 stations

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