What is your per hour average income?

Jay Thompson

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For me in core Los Angeles without any guarantees or surge I average just under $10 an hour not including expenses. I used to average allot more because there used to be surge. Now surge is almost non existent like with Lyft. What's your average per hour not including surge or guarantees?


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About $900 for 30 hours of work before expense and about $550 after expense. So about $18/hr after expense before tax.

Papa Sarducci

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Don't forget, the only hours you are getting paid for are those with pax in the seats. You aren't paid for the time spent picking them up nor are you paid to drive around waiting for a ping. That would be your hourly utilization rate and I bet if you carefully track the actual amount of time spent with pax in the car it will be a lot less hours than what you put in. Uber isn't an hourly job, it is contracted by the ride and paid by the mile. To try and compare it to an actual job where you clock in and out is like comparing apples to oranges.

That being said, if you go out for 10 hours and make $150 you would think you made $15/hr. If in reality you only had passengers in your car 5 out of those 10 hours, you really made $30/hr just like Uber said you would.
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How do you accomplish this?
Nobody is making that at base rate. That is with surge or incentives.

And even with incentives it is not possible for more than 6hrs at a time at tops. You cannot work 6-15hrs and maintain that high of a $ per hour consistently unless you build up a personal clientele. People with money aren't going to have an UberX personal driver in my opinion.

i am platinum and I am averaging $25-$30 an hour over 11 to 15 hours online a day for 3 or 4 days a week between Monday and Friday. That is between 80 and 115 trips per week......20-40 trips a day!!!!!!
I am driving my $&@ off and using the destination filter which keeps me within LA Core for 99% of my trips. The 1% is in LA County taking me back to core.
I have been doing this for 6 months now and have 2011 trips as of today.
You have to have a certain level of skill set to be able to pull this off.
The weekend drunk drivers can make more in less time but they are not pulling in the same monthly income as those working the longer hours. They also have to deal with a lot more bull$&)@ from the pax.
I am ok with the trade off. One day I will only have the option to work the weekend drinking crowds and believe I will be able to maintain a $35+ per average with less over all hours and less total pay as I do now.
This is my opinion and I reserve the right to be wrong.
I have yet to see anyone show support for those #'s outside of a random holiday or weekend night with crazy surging. No one can post those # with X and full time hours in my opinion.