What is your lunch today?


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Lemon basil pasta salad from Trader Joe’s.

banana and the tiny mandarins are free courtesy of work. There’s also health bars but I hate em.

there a bag of harbio peaches hiding. Walgreens 2/$3.

yesterday Was two bags of chips, Funyuns (I must be the few that likes this) and ruffles with hot Cheeto flavor. 2/$3.50.



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Sick kiddo today so I took the day off from work, but then had no hot lunch planned so I went with random ingredient hamburger soup. Anything that caught my eye went in. Delicious. She had one cracker and no soup. :frown:

Caramelized Onions and Garlic
Liquid beef stock concentrate plus water and homemade red wine
Can of Red Kidney Beans
Can of Cream Corn
Steel Cut Oats
Cayenne Pepper

Jon Stoppable

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Today I had two bowls of cereal, a cheese sandwich, chips and salsa, a bunch of cocoa-coated almonds, two leftover pancakes, and some quesadillas. And half a box of Franzia. I wasn't driving today, so I didn't supplement with any pax.